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The City of Martina Franca stands at the pinnacle of the hills of Murgia in the heart of Puglia; a region renowned for its beautiful landscape and olive groves. Puglia’s temperate climate is ideal for the growth and cultivation of Mediterranean flora, specifically the olive tree.

Harvesting is done by hand to protect the fruit and to choose only the best olives. The olives are picked as they begin to ripen in order to obtain an oil rich in antioxidants. The fruit is immediately brought to our mill to be crushed.

The olives are crushed with stone wheels as in Roman times in order to preserve the natural viscosity of the oil. They are then pressed without the use of chemicals or heat (cold pressed) and is then stored in underground rock cisterns. L’Acropoli di Puglia preserves the procedure of the harvest, production and conservation of its Extra Virgin Olive Oil thereby offering only the very best product.