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Lemon Balsamic 100 ml Fico - Fig, 100 ml Tartufo - Truffle, 100 ml
Lemon Balsamic 100 ml
Our Price: $13.95
Fico - Fig, 100 ml
Our Price: $14.95
Tartufo - Truffle, 100 ml
Our Price: $14.95

The best premium quality Lemon juice meets our White Condiment, giving life to this delightful, fruity, bittersweet Italian elixir. Perfect on salads and vegetables, it is delicious also on white meat, such as chicken and turkey.

This great bittersweet condiment is the perfect solution to garnish fruits and desserts.

Moreover its natural and fruity taste is really interesting on grilled fish, shellfish and raw fish

The special flavor of Figs 100 is extraordinary and complex, a perfect harmony of smooth, sweet tastes, with a slight inclination toward sourness. The structure is noble, the flavor is winning, remaining on the palate like a delightful reminder. In order to obtain such a complex, innovative product, only the best balsams and concentrated juice of absolutely ripe figs are chosen, harmonized with a perfect technique and vast research experience.

AROMA - The scent is persistent and composite, of broad consistence. Prevalent are the rich fig and sweet spice.

ACCOMPANIMENTS - The smooth, refined, velvety taste make this ideal on fresh and aged cheeses. Also great in combination with braised meat and poultry dishes, It also enhances the flavor of fresh fruit salads made with berries, and is the perfect accompaniment for custards, puddings and ice cream.

Our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena meets the intense notes of the Truffle, giving life to this delightful and exquisite Italian elixir.Perfect on salads, red meat, roasts and aged cheeses.Absolutely wonderful on risottos, omelettes and other egg dishes